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From the Horn of Africa to Home

Our Roots

Hailing from the East African nation of Ethiopia, the owners of Addis Ababa are immensely proud of their heritage. Our country is a beautiful landscape of vibrant green mountain sides, kind faces, ancient sites of nature and faith, and of course, some of the most succulent food on the planet. The food is eaten with the hands--a bit of Injera, a spongey flatbread made of Teff flour, is ripped off and used to scoop up a variety of stews that bring fantastic new flavors and spices to the tongue. 

Family Owned, 

Family Run

A family owned and family run establishment, Addis Ababa brings traditional recipes and a genuine cultural ambiance to Rochester. At this restaurant, we strive to allow the visitor to be transported back to our mother country by making all of our food on site--right here at home you can enjoy Injera and dishes made from scratch alongside items of our culture. Addis Ababa feels like home immediately as you enter and are greeted with smiling faces and handshakes. Traditional music plays in the background, friends and family work and laugh alongside each other, and all at once it becomes apparent that artificiality has no place here -- despite being professional and efficient, you will feel as if you are entering the home of old family friends.

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